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Free webinar about participatory design in schools! 27/4/2022 - 16.00 CET

Participatory Design is based on the re-definition of the school community by re-designing the public space in and around schools. The involvement of different stakeholders (teachers, students, parents/guardians, policy makers) is of great importance, since the collaboration of those can make amazing things and transform the school environment into a creative & inspiring area. If you wish to learn more on that topic, feel free to register in the InPad webinar!!

Certificates of attendance will be provided to all participants!

We are finalizing our training platform!

Soon our Open Educational Software will be available in several languages, namely Spanish, French, Greek and Dutch! In the meantime, you can get a preview in the following video. Enjoy!


Thanks to the collaborative mapping learned during the experimentation of the INPAD project, the students of 3rd ESO of the IES Ramón y Cajal (Huesca) have mapped the streets named after women in their city.

Citizen participation and in particular collaborative mapping, are a very interesting teaching strategy for the acquisition of geographic and citizenship skills. Students become actors of change, transforming from their daily space (neighborhood and school) to, as in this case, their city. Click here or on the lower image to got to the website!

Since March 15th, Huesca is one of the 31 cities in the GeochicasOSM viewer of "Las calles de las mujeres" with a scarce 16% of streets named after women. From the INPAD project, the students of IES Ramón y Cajal, have made a dossier of proposals to make Huesca a more sustainable and equitable city (SDG 9 and 11). The students have delivered their proposals to the City Council, who have received it and have committed to evaluate it, inviting the students to the next plenary session.


Empower your students for change, with only 7 steps you can do it too!

We are off to a good start in Ávila!

Yesterday our all partner organizations gathered in Ávila for the Transnational Meeting Program (TMP) among the seven organizations and for the Teacher Training Activity (LTT) where teachers from Belgium, France, Greece and Spain were introduced into the INPAD methodology and were trained in the use of the participatory tools created by INPAD. Today we continue with our European collaboration. Below you can find the agendas for the two meetings. 

download (1).jpg
Transnational meeting and training in Ávila (29/11-01/12 2021)

Next week, all partner organizations will gather in Ávila for the Transnational Meeting Program (TMP) among the seven organizations and for the Teacher Training Activity (LTT). Teachers from Belgium, France, Greece and Spain will use the participatory tools created by INPAD, such as the Teachers Guide and the Open Educational Software. 

(Athens, 19, 20 and 21 November)

On the 19th of November all our organizations will attend this Scientific conference about participatory design in Athens. INPAD will present the current situation about participatory design in Belgium, France, Greece and Spain. 

If you want to join this meeting, click on this link:

Click on this button for the agenda of this conference about participatory design. 

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